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In a hidden library in Midtown, a society of professional drinkers/classically-trained thespians congregate every night to toast the work of William Shakespeare. 


Drunk Shakespeare has performed over 2000 shows now in its history and is open in both NYC and Chicago (as of April 2019) and looking to expand to additional cities. Michael performed in over 600 performances over the course of 2.5 years in several different character tracks and has acted as Assistant Producer to Brass Jar Productions' Executive Producer, Scott Griffin, since 2016. 


“The best thing to ever happen to the theater” says Slate Magazine


“A live-action Drunk History” says TimeOut


This show is different every time depending on who is drinking and what they're drinking! Drunk Shakespeare is a New York Times Critics’ Pick and rated 5-stars on TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google.

Shakespeare's work was intended for everybody, not just the well-to-do academics, but also the inebriated groundlings that spent their day's wage to laugh at a well-penned penis joke. Drunk Shakespeare celebrates the irreverent, debaucherous and hilarious side of Shakespeare. We take archaic references and replace them with topical pop culture references and celebrities/characters that you may recognize. There is improv, sketch comedy, dance, music, loads of audience participation in an intimate setting, Shakespeare and of course, drinking. 

Each night, one actor takes several shots at the start of the show and uses this liquid inspiration to 

There is a rotating cast and a different tanked thespian every night which ensures that no performance is the same. Each society member brings something completely unique to the evening as does each individual audience. Anything could happen. 

E-mail me for partnership or marketing opportunities as well as for discounted tickets or industry comps. 

Visit for more information. 


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