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As a writer with bi-polar disorder, I am passionate about exploring mental health and navigation of one's existential angst through forms that entwine whimsy, darkness, comedy, and earnest vulnerability. My experience as a performer, clown and musician puts a great emphasis on rhythm and dynamic switches in my work.

Works in Progress

My current works in progress, while differing in style, all explore cyclical forms of abuse. My work interrogates the complexity of hope by diving into the nitty-gritty details of destructive patterns with the intention of creating agency to change them. To provide relief in relating to shared struggles through a kaleidoscope. But like ... they're super weird, dark and fun.

a pedestrian prepares: a play with clowns & doughnuts
Absurdist Tragicomedy

An existential meta play with "clowns" examining agency and free-will. Also doughnuts.

4 -12 performers. Any gender identification or age.

A one-dolphin show

Solo Serio-comedy

A dolphin leads a self-help group for humans confronting their addictions. 

1 performer. Any gender identification or age.

A bench play in one act


Siblings come together following their mother’s death and confront the cyclical nature of generational abuse in their family. What do we owe the dead? What are our obligations to blood and to ourselves?Pigeon Ralph is also there.

1 F + 1 M. 30s. Italian-American.

Full-length plays produced

Mush-Mouth produced at @-Random Theatre

The Bohemia Project co-written with Cock & The Fiddle and produced by ArtSpark

Intermission co-written with Cambiare Productions and produced by Dougherty Arts Center

10-minute plays produced
History 1513 produced by @-Random Theatre
Disabled Play produced by @-Random Theatre
Knick-knacks and Wingdings produced by @-Random Theatre

Does Your Family Have a Vacancy? Co-devised with Cock & The Fiddle


One-act and full-length readings
Under-seasoned staged reading produced by Radish Event Space - Williamsburg. 

Xmas Pig Carols in Purgatory developmental reading produced by the Almost Blasphemy Collective

BeCAUSE developmental reading produced by Cyber Salon! 


Co-wrote four episodes of VSBK the Web-Series with Matt Butterfield

An active member of Erika Phoebus' weekly Playwriting Workshop through Theatre 4the People. 

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